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Rooted 'N Essence

White Peach Prosecco Body Oil

White Peach Prosecco Body Oil

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Relax and refresh with a luxurious body oil that helps hydrate, soften and smooth your skin. Beautifully scented with juicy white peaches, pineapple, and prosecco, which gives your skin a glow while keeping you smelling delicious throughout the day.

Why You Need This!

🔥Deeply penetrates to hydrate and moisturize dry, parched skin
🔥Improve skin elasticity
🔥Fade away scars and stretch marks 
🔥Improve skin texture
🔥Creates a barrier on the skin to protect against pollutants and free radicals, giving you a luminous, healthy glow

How To Use

If you dislike the heaviness of a body butter

Step 1: Cleanse your entire body.

Step 2: While still damp, massage body oil into the skin in circular motions. The warmth of your fingertips will allow for better penetration. Pay special attention to any drier areas, such as the ankles, elbows, and knees.


If you like to double down with your moisturizers

Step 1: Cleanse your entire body.

Step 2: While still damp apply body butter to the skin and gently massage in

Step 3: Massage body oil into the skin in circular motions to lock in moisture


Unrefined Avocado Oil, Unrefined Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Natural Fragrance, Vitamin E Oil


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Better than I expected!

Love the White Peach Prosecco body scrub and oil.

Andrea Turner
Love love LOVE!!

I'm already a repeat customer! I was surprised at how very true and real each scent smelled. It does NOT smell artificial. It's almost strange after being used to so many artificial smells for scents like lemon and peach. I'm already looking to place my 3rd order in just over a month. I'm hooked!

Winner 🏆🏆

Smells absolutely divine and had your skin feeling silky smooth

Kathy Smith
Best scent for a REAL Georgia peach like me

I’m absolutely in love with this oil. OMG! I’ts the perfect peach scent. If you like the smell of artificial peach scents then this isn’t for you. This smells like how real peaches are supposed to which is so hard to find now

Melisa Colley
Smells nice but not like peaches

I love this oil. It smells really good but I do it detect any peach scent. Was looking for a stronger peach scent but I’m enjoying it. No regrets.